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Phase 2
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Phase 2

Ideography of a Constellation / STELLA as an Ambiguity between Fantasy and the Future

Second Phase, Short- and Longlisted Entries


Uwe Schröder Architekt
Team: academic group: RWTH Aachen University, spatial design teaching and research, Univ.-Prof. Dipl. Ing. Uwe Schröder, student participant: Daniel Müller, Fabian Weis /
Professional group: Univ.-Prof. Dipl. Ing. Uwe Schröder Architekt BDA DWB, Matthias Storch, Timo Steinmann, student participant: Yannick Meuter, Michael Weyck

Sub-area 1 – ‘The Porous Monolith as a Vertical neighbourhood: Kreuzberg’

Sub-area 2 – ‘The Assembled Towers and the Open Field: Tempelhof’

Sub-area 3 – ‘The Blue Block or Urban Nature: Wartenberg’

Entrant‘s description

Stella – Constellation Berlin Brandenburg 2070 – Ideography of a Constellation – A Contribution to Fictional Science
I/III Metropolis. It is the year 2070.
The old city no longer had any borders, only peripheries. The peripheries increasingly took over the landscapes. The old city lost its equilibrium. A new phenomenon emerges: a city with borders. The city grows within these borders. The city of cities grows within its cities: metropolis. The metropolis knows only the borders of its cities. Nature separates the cities: landscape. Landscapes connect the cities. The cities regain their closed form. A city has a form. A city is predominately shaped by its interior space. The urban landscape is overwhelmed, because it has become an undifferentiated and un-­designed mixture of city and countryside.