Unfinished Metropolis
100 Years of Urban Planning for Greater Berlin

Five spatial factors in particular have shaped the development of the metropolis of Berlin: the Variety of Centres, the Housing Question, the Transport Issues, the Environmental Issues and the distribution of major infrastructure, industrial and military projects. These five factors not only allow us to understand the development and uniqueness of (Greater) Berlin, their meaningful combination also allows us to manage the metropolis in a sustainable manner. Berlin is of course dependent on Brandenburg and Brandenburg is dependent on Berlin.

In the exhibition, all these themes are unfolded through exemplary locations, projects and plans that have shaped and changed the metropolis of Berlin. They are often of international significance – as a model or as a horror scenario. But Berlin is not alone. Other European metropolises are also struggling to shape their stormy growth in a sustainable way – especially Moscow, Vienna, Paris and London. Like these metropolises, Berlin is not only a big city but also the capital.