Unfinished Metropolis
100 Years of Urban Planning for Greater Berlin

Berlin has grown rapidly over the last 150 years. A once-negligible city has become a fascinating metropolis with an extraordinary history, during which it has experienced deep lows and towering highs and been a testing ground for European metropolises, a laboratory for town planning. The Berlin of today did not emerge haphazardly; rather, it is the result of our predecessors’ urban development endeavours. The metropolis is full of built attempts to shape the future, some successful and others not. The prerequisite for these efforts was a fundamental political decision: to create Greater Berlin in 1920. Like many metropolises, Berlin and the metropolitan region of Berlin-­Brandenburg are today under pressure to manage the influx of people and businesses to the benefit of all. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are endangering future generations through our consumption of resources. We understand that little remains the same, and this realisation leads to uncertainty and a dispute about how to shape change.