Phase 2
Phase 2

Urban landscape Brandenburg-Berlin 2070 – Contour of a Transition Society

2nd Prize


Location: Berlin / Berlin / Cambridge (USA) / /
Team: Evelina Faliagka, Moritz Maria Karl, Dominik Renner
Landscape architecture:: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Tischer, freischaffender Landschaftsarchitekt
Other specialist planning: Office MMK – Urban Technologies

Sub-area 1

Sub-area 2

Sub-area 3

Entrant‘s description

Berlin is growing, and with it, the surrounding areas in Brandenburg. Over the past century, Brandenburg and Berlin have become increasingly inter­con­nected due to developments along the transport axes that make up the rays of the star-shaped settlement structure. It makes sense to further develop the ­Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region along existing infrastructural lines and arteries and to consolidate the star-shaped settlement structure. However, a new perspective and a future-oriented economic and social vision are needed. To this end, we must strengthen the Brandenburg regions surrounding Berlin in response to the dynamic expansion of Berlin’s centre.
The development model for the metropolitan region should be based on three initiatives. First, we need to regenerate the landscape as an ecological environment, social milieu, and economic force. Second, we need to create an interface between the city and countryside. This interface must be marked by a legible outline within the star-shaped settlement structure; and it must serve as an ‘ecotone’, ‘edge habitat’, or ‘transition area’. Third, we need to interconnect the radial axes with green areas and water and link the settlement rays with orbital streets surrounding them, thus developing the star into a network.