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Phase 2
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Phase 2

Water landscape, little big berlin

Second Phase, Short- and Longlisted Entries


ogolák + grasse, s.r.o.
Location: Prag
Team: Ing. arch. Ivan Gogolák, Ph.D. (A1 – architecture – Architect, urban planner, Czech Chamber of Architects 4589, gogolák + grasse s.r.o.), Ing. arch. Lenka Hejlová (A1 – architecture – Architect, urban planner, czech Chamber of Architects 04614, KOLMO EU), Ing. arch. Martin Hejl (Architect, urban planner,
Loom on the Moon s.r.o.),
Ing. arch. Matúš Berák (Architect, gogolák + grasse s.r.o.), MgA. Jan Nalepa (Architekt, KOLMO EU), Longiy Art (presentation, Loom on the Moon s.r.o.), Veronika Nemejovská (presentation, Loom on the Moon s.r.o.), Dorota Jarošová (presentation, Loom on the Moon s.r.o.), MgA. Petr Štˇepán (presentation, Superlative Works), Ing. Petra Novotná (landscape architect, Ateliér Koukol), Ing. Romana Ture ˇCková (landscape architect, Ateliér Koukol)
Landscape planning: gogolák + grasse, KOLMO, Ateliér Koukol

Sub-area 1 – ‘Network of Lakes, Discovered ­Landscape’: Hellersdorf / Hönow

Sub-area 2 – ‘Research Island’: Köpenick

Sub-area 3 – ‘Railway Ring, border to the City Centre’: ­Jungfernheide S-Bahn Station

Entrant‘s description

Water Landscape – The topography of the Berlin area was shaped by shifting glaciers and river courses. The rural landscape is shaped by agricultural fields and nature reserves such as forests. The Spree meanders in a vibrant network of rivers and tributaries. Some of them are natural, others have been created or are artificially regulated. The abundance of different conditions created by the flowing water produced the urban structures and their different functions in the respective regions.