Exhibition catalogue: Unfinished Metropolis (Volume 1 + 2)


Editors: Architekten- und Ingenieurverein zu Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.
Harald Bodenschatz, Benedikt Goebel, Christina Gräwe, Peter Lemburg, Marcus Nitschke, Wolfgang Schuster

The first volume offers an insight into an array of different topics, such as Berlin’s role as the capital of Germany, its relationship with Brandenburg, and the historical, economic, and social conditions that have driven the growth of the urban area over the centuries. The second volume delves deeper into the designs for the future. It comprehensively documents the International Urban Planning Competition for Berlin-Brandenburg 2070, held by the states’ association of architects and engineers. It also explores how other European capital regions – London, Moscow, Paris, and Vienna – are seeking to ensure sustainable urban development in years to come.

225 x 280 mm
416 + 332 pages
550 + 350 pictures
2 vol. (Softcover) in slipcase
ISBN 978-3-86922-249-3



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