Unfinished Metropolis

Urban Planning for Greater Berlin

To mark the 100th anniversary of Greater Berlin, the anniversary exhibition of the Berlin-Brandenburg Architects’ and Engineers’ Association “Unfinished Metropolis: 100 Years of Urban Development for Greater Berlin” will link the history, present and future of the metropolis, highlight Berlin’s urban development achievements since 1880 and highlight the resulting current potential of the Berlin-Brandenburg urban region. At the same time, the exhibition looks into the future of the year 2070 by publicly presenting the results of the International Urban Design Ideas Competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070. It thus creates the conditions for successful planning of the metropolitan area. The developments will be presented under thematic focal points such as living, working, traffic, leisure & recreation. In addition, a European perspective is added to the consideration. On the basis of future projects of urban-regional importance in the cities of Moscow, Vienna, Paris and London, the exhibition will show how other metropolises are dealing with current urban challenges. The exhibition is accompanied by metropolitan talks live on site or in stream.

The exhibition was on display at the Kronprinzenpalais in October 2020 and was
reopened on 1 October 2021 in Berlin-Oberschöneweide, Ostendstr. 1-4.

Exhibition adress
Behrensbau Halle 5
Ostendestr. 1-4
12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide

Opening hours
01 October 2021 extended
until 29 May 2022!
Thursday to Sunday
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entry is free.

We offer guided tours for closed groups in German !
If you are interested in a 90 minutes tour of the exhibition, please visit the following address: 

Unfinished Metropolis

Berlin has grown rapidly over the last 150 years. A once-negligible city has become a fascinating metropolis with an extraordinary history, during which it has experienced deep lows and towering highs and been a testing ground for European metropolises, a laboratory for town planning. The Berlin of today did not emerge haphazardly; rather, it is the result of our predecessors’ urban development endeavours. 

International Urban Planning Competition 
for Berlin-Brandenburg 2070

How can we shape the metropolis of the future? In view of the 100th anniversary of (Greater) Berlin, the Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Architects and Engineers, in partnership with other civil society initiatives, has launched an open, two-phase “International Urban Design Ideas Competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070” in 2019.


To complement the exhibition twice weekly the future urban development of the capital region will be discussed in the context of the “Metropolengespräche”. Their aim is to bring together civil society players of all backgrounds –  be it political, administrative, economic or cultural – and thus provide a platform for a constructive debate on the future of the Berlin and Brandenburg region.

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