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Phase 2
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Phase 2

Redesigning the urban agenda

Second Phase, Short- and Longlisted Entries


Hoidn Wang Partner
Location: Berlin
Team: Matías Grimaldi della Bianca, Kevin Ho Jun Choi,
José Rodríguez López
Landscape planning: Tilman Latz, Latz + Partner, Landschaftsarchitektur
Other specialist planning: Paul Rogers, Abdelrahman Helal, Aron Bohmann, Buro Happold, Berlin; John Peponis, Georgia Institute of Technology; Chen Feng, The University of Texas at Austin; Meta Berghauser-Pont, Jan Sahlberg, Chalmers University Gothenburg; Richard Burdett, London School of Economics

Sub-area 1 – ‘Inner-city’ Case Study: Westkreuz

Sub-area 2 – ‘Outskirts’ Case Study: Köpenicker Prospekt Radial

Sub-area 3 – ‘hinterland Area’ Campus: City of Ludwigsfelde

Entrant‘s description

Berlin-Brandenburg 2070: Principles and Concepts for Regional Planning and Urban Development – ­Redesigning the Urban Agenda
All forms of radical thinking that shape society require radical forms of decision-­making and governmental responsibility. The future of cities has ­never been more at the forefront of global political debate than it is today, when the impact of urban areas on environmental justice and social cohesion is becoming increasingly tangible. The historic opportunity to rethink the concept of the city and to steer the business-as-usual model in a direction that promotes growth, well-being, and sustainability is recognised by visionary politicians worldwide. Yet, few metropolises have committed to long-term change that reshapes the way people will live and interact with their natural habitats for generations to come.