Phase 1: Wettbewerb

NR. 1022

Motto „Berlin Environment Resurrection Pioneer“
Architektur MALAIJERDI (Teheran)
Landschaftsplanung ABOLFAZL MALAIJERDI
1. Phase, 2. Rundgang


Städtebauliche Darstellung

Erläuterungen der Verfasser

Berlin Is Changing

Berlin is one of theverdurouscities of Europe that the number of its parks, gardens and the forest areas are more than any other city of Europe and this city is a verdurouscity exactly and unquestionably but being as a city with more green spaces does not mean that one can be interested in the environment. Taking the climate of such city into consideration compared with other European cities and other cities there in Germany we can understand that Berlin has taken very poor measures interms of one green city and as an environmentalist